Abangares: Ecological Tour

Day 8: Tempisque River

For this tour you will be traveling 2 hours in boat down the river. This river borders the ‘Parque Nacional Palo Verde.' You will be observing many aquatic birds, crocodiles, iguanas and monkeys in their natural environment. You will experience beautiful views of the wildlife!

Day 9: Monteverde Cloud Forest

You will be taking a trip to the Reserva de Monteverde. You will be staying in a ecological farm where you can visit cows, and have an exciting tour during the night. The night tour you will see many different animals and enjoy the beauty of the forest while it's dark!


Day 10: Other visits in Monteverde

You will be visiting the ‘Reserva de Santa Elenta,' here you will enjoy the beautiful views of a rainforest and also observe many animals. You will also visit the cheese factory where you may taste many different kinds of cheeses. And lastly you will visit CASEM where you will observe animals and birds and also experience the life of the community.





Day 11: Departure

Transfer to the International Airport.

Day 5: Gold Mines

You will visit the nowadays gold workers, also known as ‘coligalleros' and you will participate or just observe the hard work of these miners in the tunnels of the Mining Mountain Range.

Day 6: Ecomuseum of the Gold Mines in ‘ La Sierra '

You will enjoy taking paths to visit the centenarian stone ruins, which is a product of gold mining exploitation and a lot of wildlife such as birds and animals from this particular region. Maybe you will be lucky enough to hear the howls of the howling monkeys!







Day 7: Small Land-Holders and the Environment

In this tour you willvisit some ‘parceleros,' which are owners of small lands. You will experience their everyday life at the diary farm, at the tilapias' project, at the ‘biodigestores' project and at the crops of organic products and medicinal plants. You will thoroughly enjoy and learn about the country people who involved themselves with eco-developmental policies.

Day 1: Arrival

Transfer to Las Juntas of Abangares.

Day 2: Home Headwomen in Action.

You will be visiting with a group of women who are deeply involved with the environment's development and preservation. In this tour you will observe what the women do in a typical day and also work with these women in the process of recycling.






Day 3: Coffee Tour

In this tour you will visit and enjoy the cooperative. The tour will include a journey through the organic and conventional coffee plantations. You will also visit a place where the process for obtaining the export product is explained. After that you will see a system for the waste treatment, which is evidence of their compromise with the environment conservation.





Day 4: Garden of Medicinal Plants.

You are invited to participate in a tour to learn about alternative medicine, which is implemented with medicinal plants from Costa Rica . This tour will let you know more about uses, properties and characteristics of these kinds of plants. At the same time you will participate in a living together session with the members of the "Club de Amigos de Las Plantas Medicinales". You will also be visiting a family who uses these types of medicines in the home.

Prices Of the Trip

Doesn't include:
•  Cost of visas

•  Cost of the tax to leave the country which is $26
•  Cost of washing clothes

•  Tips for chauffeurs or guides
•  Any political cancellation fees

•  Any alcoholic beverages.

*** You may cancel the trip one month before arriving to the country without any cancellation fees.

US $1600 per person*


•  Accommodations in Las Juntas.

•  Hotels in San Jose and Monteverde.

•  All meals

•  Transfers from San Jose to Las Juntas and Las Juntas to San Jose

•  Transportation of the local tours.

•  The entrance fees of the national parks, boats and policies.

*5 people minimum.

For 2-4 people the price is $1800