About Mina Tours

With 17 years experience, MINA TOURS is owned and managed by Costa Ricans, Elliette Montoya, Carlos Fonseca and Fadrique Fonseca, all born and raised in Las Juntas. We are a local tour professional committed to quality, safety, and working with you to develop unique educational programs. Our academic coordinator is Dr. Richard Niesenbaum, Director of Sustainability Studies at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. He is an expert in community-based education and has been collaborating with MINATOURS for more than 12 years. After your initial inquiry to MINATOURS, he can assist you in developing a program of high academic quality.


Las Juntas de Abangares is located in the central pacific lowlands of COSTA RICA, in the province of Guanacaste. The small village of Las Juntas, splashed with colorful flowers and dotted with trim houses, once figured large in the region's history; when gold was discovered in the nearby mountains in 1884. It sparked a gold rush, causing prospectors to come from all over the world to sift the earth for nuggets. The residents' ethnic diversity reflects the disparate peoples who came for gold and stayed to establish roots in this remote quarter. This safe and culturally unique town offers rich opportunities for study and service.