Tour Tips & Photos


You probably have some expectations as to how this trip will be. You may have read books or seen documentaries on the flora and fauna of Costa Rica - often these movies and/or photographs have been taken a long time ago. You may also expect Costa Rica to be more like your own country than it really is. If you accept it for what it is and not for what you expect it to be, we are sure that Costa Rica will, in the long run, live up to what you originally expected.


Part of the adventure of traveling to new regions is trying to adapt to the diverse environments and situations (hotels, food, transportation, climate, etc.). It's not always easy, especially at first, but look at it as a positive, interesting and exciting experience.



The pace of life in Costa Rica is slower, which may be quite different from what you are used to. You may think: “This isn't the way things should be done!” But, if you try to fight the system, you might as well go home. Try to understand, enjoy and make the most of the “tranquilo” pace.


Part of the fun of traveling is to try to communicate with the local people. Whatever Spanish you know, use it. In any case, SMILE, because smiles are a major means of communicating everywhere in the world.



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*Pictures by Joseph Phillips.